What is a drop 5 baseball hat? Many who are unfamiliar with the baseball game are at sea over the terms ‘ drop 5 baseball hat’, understandably so. It is actually quite simple if not straightforward.

Baseball players use a bat to play the game. However, not all bats are have the same structure in terms of the weight and length.

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The name derivation is also pretty much simple and alludes to weight and length so let me break it down for you . A best drop 5 bat has five ounces lighter weight than length.

The five ounce difference is what is called a drop 5, hence a drop 5 baseball bat. The weight of a baseball bat is very crucial to a player. The higher the drop of the bat, the lighter it is.

This quality is preferred by a lot of players because it provides an easy swing. The strength of a batter also influences his/her preferred drop in a baseball bat because again you don’t want one that is too light for you.

Length is another factor to consider when choosing a baseball bat. A drop 5 baseball bat is 5 ounces longer than its weight. That means, the height of a baseball player again influences the bat choice.

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A short tall player for instance, may prefer a drop 5 bat as oppose to a drop 3 which is noticeably shorter. There is quite a number of bat models that have a drop 5 but still vary in quality depending on other features, such as the material used, vibration and the grip.

Material may vary from a two-piece fully composite to a one-piece alloy. Although the one-piece alloy material is quite strong especially at the thin areas, the composite barrel is still thought as most durable.

A tight grip is useful for precision control and the type can be synthetic, contact, performance diamond or a trackified voodoo depending on the model of the bat. Grip and vibration go hand in hand.

What a batter needs is a bat that minimizes vibrations but is still effective at the swing. The Marucci CAT6 bat is best known for its anti-vibration technology while the Easton XLI is known for its performance grip.

With those basic features of a drop 5 baseball bat, you are more baseball savvy than the average person and can give advise to someone considering buying a baseball bat. Better yet, if you’re a new batter, you know what to look for as per your preference.